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Group Training is an arrangement where an organisation, known as a Group Training Organisation or GTO for short, employs apprentices and trainees under an apprenticeship or traineeship training contract and places them with host employers.

GTOs manage all aspects of employing an apprentice or trainee including recruitment, wages and entitlements, administration, training delivery and monitoring skill development.

Group training plays a key role in the small and medium business landscape.  Many small and medium businesses would not be in a position to directly engage apprentices without a GTO. 

GTOs are active in just about every industry from traditional trades through to community, personal, business services and more.

BUSY At Work isn’t a Group Training Organisation however we can definitely help you find a GTO in your local area. Simply call us on 13 28 79 (13 BUSY) and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction of a GTO that can help you grow your business.

A complete directory of GTOs is also available online at

GTOs handle all of the Government paperwork, organise and monitor training, and assume worker’s compensation responsibilities. A key feature of the group training approach is the emphasis on mentoring and support for trainees and apprentices to boost retention and completion rates and to ensure the best possible fit with the needs of host employers.

  1. Your business may not have the time to manage the ongoing requirements of recruitment, industrial relations, payroll and performance management.
  2. Your business may be unable to offer an apprentice / trainee a full-time opportunity because of uncertainty of ongoing work for duration of apprenticeship / traineeship.
  3. Your business may be unable to offer the full scope of work required to ensure the apprentice / trainee meets all requirements of their training plan, particularly in industries like Construction and Electrical where businesses may specialise in a particular part of a trade

You can contact a GTO and discuss what industry you are in, what duration of time you may require the apprentice or trainee for and what requirements you may have for the position. Depending on your requirements the GTO may advertise for the position or may already have available the ideal applicant for your workforce. Your GTO will advise of the hourly charge-out rate (which is only payable when apprentice / trainee is with you in the workplace). GTO pays the apprentice / trainee when they are at college, on sick leave and on annual leave. In the event your business is faced with a reduction in work, you can contact the GTO to arrange the rotation of the apprentice or trainee back to the GTO who will endeavor to find them a placement with another host employer. If you have an issue with the performance or attitude of the apprentice / trainee the GTO will arrange to discuss matter with you both, performance manage or discipline if required, or ultimately remove from your workplace and find a suitable replacement.

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